Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wish Me Luck

Well, I did it. I posted my entries on the Heart in Hand Scraps site yesterday for their creative team call. There are lots of very talented and experienced ladies out there, so all I can do is hold my breath. . . Like my Mom always told me (I miss you Mom), everything happens for a reason. If something doesn't happen the way you wish it to, it's okay ; it was supposed to be, so accept it, happily and move forward! You know, the older I get, the wiser my Mom's advice becomes:-). Best wishes to all.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Mini File Folder Book

Check out this project in the upcoming Ready Set Create Back To School Sampler at!!!

The Fall Accordian book class from Heart in Hand Scraps was the inspiration for this book. I used three Rusty Pickle mini file folders, which I inked inside and out with Ranger Distress Ink. I sewed them down the middle fold to make a book. Then I embellished and decorated with scrap paper, ephemera, corrogated cardboard, polymer clay, stamps, ink, newspaper clipped words, book tags and brads.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More Treaure Boxes!!!

The cool thing about the Keepsake Drawers class is it lends itself to soooooo many interpretations. For example, here's a couple more "Treasure Boxes" I've created. One for my son and one for me!!!!

Treasure Box

My stepdaugther is always collecting something: from pencils, to coins, to rocks and more. Almost anything can come home with her! She becomes very attached to her treasures too, doesn't necessarily want to share them, just store them away for herself (meaning: keeping them from her baby brother). So based on the Keepsake Drawers class from Heart in Hand Scraps. I came up with my own version.

I converted a Quaker Oatmeal container into a treasure box for My Princess. I used the CratePaper "Crush" Paper and Ribbon Collections. I used only the patterned papers for the container itself. I utilized patterns, solids and chipboard with Sizzix Flower Layers #3 and Sizzilets Flower Blossom for the flowers. Some of the paper embellishments came from the CratePapaer collection too (like the tag and some circles). Other embellishments include small mirrors (Walmart), bling, stamps, 7 Gypsies Congrats stickers and Ranger Stickles.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Wow these classes I downloaded from are great. I'm going throught the painted tin one. Got a wonderful project I completed a while back that fits this class very, very well. Instead of painting a tin, I decoupaged it! I used the text of an old Latin textbook from high school that I still had. You can use scrapbook paper, as long as it's thin. Cardstock doesn't work well. You apply decoupage glue instead of paint then apply torn sheets of paper until the tin is covered. I then used Ranger Distress Ink to color the paper (I used Spiced Marmalade). Once the ink s dry, you seal it with decoupage medium just as you would the painted piece and then decorate! I used brads making the holes near the edges with a crop-a-dile. the ones in the center of the lid I had to drill using the Fiskars craft drill. Fun project!!!!!!!!!


I've found some wonderful classes at heartinhandscraps. I'm trying to absorb as much as possible and start to create. Got my Genesis blasting, kids are asleep, husband is out, perfect conditions for creating!!!!!!!!!!


I found the neatest sites! One is They've got dowloadable classes!!!!! Perfect! They're having a creative team search. I've downloaded a couple of free classes to see what's up. I don't have much time to do something. I'll have to burn the midnight oil on this one. Maybe I'll get lucky and actually get a spot on the team. The other site is They've got awesome clear albums and such, and their actually affordable (as compared to some others out there, that shall remain nameless!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What can I say. . .

it's really hard to keep up. . . third grade activities, brownies, preschool , mom's club. Way too much going on this time of year. My big girl has really taken off in reading, but multiplication is a stumper. No big deal, we've been stumped before; just means I need to take a step back, slow down and be there! She's such a wonderful child!! I am sooooo blessed. Be back soon.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

After Halloween

Wow what a holiday!!! Candy, costumes, sick kids, it's a joy. . . . . My spouse took the kids trick or treating even tho' he views Halloween as the most religiously offensive holiday there is. . . he dressed up as Darth Vadar. .. . . . ...