Friday, June 19, 2009

Now for something TOTALLY different....

I still remember that phrase from my Monty Python's Fly Circle days (guess I'm dating myself here)....anyway, they always cracked me up...still do. But, I digress.

For me, artistically, something totally different means pushing my limits or doing something I don't usually do. I've done both recently, and I'm excited about that.

First, I recently participated in an Altered Angel Swap with my friends from Altered Art Junkies . This was a SEWING swap....well, I don't sew. Let me rephrase that, I can sew I just don't do it much and it's outside my comfort zone. So I was excited and intimidated to participate in this swap. But, I am happy to say...I think my little angel came out fine (and, she's making someone else happy, so I've accomplished my goal!) Here's her picture:

Secondly, I never scrap ME. It's just not something I do. Mostly, because, I'm not in many pictures. I'm the one behind the camera. Well I was recently asked to scrap about myself.....why is for another post. But, this layout I created represents only the SECOND layout I've ever done picturing and covering just me. Again, an accomplishment I'm proud I thought I would share.

And finally, I don't say this often, but I really feel it: I'd like to thank everyone that stops by occasionally and those who follow my blog regularly. Your comments and support are very much appreciated!!!


ms.cheryl said...

That is a sweet angel! Lovin your work. I read every post but don't comment often enough. ms.cheryl

Pam said...

The little angel is beautiful! Just proves that you have many talents. Love the layout about you!

Kimmy P said...

Hey! I saw that you're teaching some classes in July in Longview! I was like OMG! I KNOW HER! My grandmother lives about 5 minutes from the store. My mom and I go visit her on the weekends - so even if I don't have time to take the class, I'd love to stop by and meet you in real life!

Scrappy Nan said...

look at you! glad you scrapped yourself! this photo is totally different than your blog photo, so i am glad to see another side of you :)
like the angel doll, too. you keep it up, girlie!