Monday, January 5, 2009

My Clear Stamp Storage

When a few of you saw my new and improved scrappy space (thanks for all the wonderful comments), you asked about a carousel stamp holder pictured on my scrap table. Well, it's actually something I made with my Bind It All.

I had so many requests for a how to, I decided to share that here:

Clear Stamp Carousel

This project helped me solve a storage problem with all my clear stamps. I'm a visual person and have to see my inventory to use it. So, I came up with this carousel to display my clear stamps.

Gather your materials. You will need the following items to complete this project.

Zutter Bind It All
Zutter Wire Cutters
12 inch Paper Cutter
Number two pencil
Screw Driver
Hack Saw
McGill Tab Paper Punch
Mono Glue

One Zutter 12 inch 3/4 inch diameter O-Wire: Black
Zutter 8x8 ChipBoard Covers: three (3) sets
Zutter 8x8 inner pages: six (6) packages
8x8 album sleeves
7 Gypsies Karma Patterned Paper
Heidi Grace and Miscellaneous Ribbon
6x6 square wood plaque
5 inch diameter circle wood plaque
3/4 inch wooden dowel
2 inch wood screw

Before starting, remember: Measure twice, cut once.

Put one inner page in each album sleeve. Cut off one edge of plastic sleeve at the edge of the Zutter inner page. Using the Bind It All and following the instructions for use, punch binding holes. I punched five of these at a time. Holes will go through plastic and inner pages. Cut Patterned Paper at 7 1/2x8 inches. Glue to chipboard. Punch O-Wire holes.

Assemble carousel by alternating: one chipboard cover, 10 plastic sleeves and inner pages.

Use ruler to find center of wood pieces. Mark with pencil. Dimple with Hammer and Awl. Cut wood dowel to 11 inches with Hack Saw. Assemble base, screwing together from the bottom with the wood screw.
Slip assembled carousel over wooden dowel. Fan out pages, glue on finial and tie on ribbon. Fill pages with stamps. Print out manufacturer names and punch out labels to label your collection.

Here's the finished product.


Sheene said...

this is very creative! ive been looking a storage carousel for sometime now. thanks for sharing!

Pam said...

Wow! This is great! Are you sure you weren't a carpenter in another life:)Super idea.

chopinette said...

it's great to create this carousel, très ingénieux, bravo

Jennifer Priest said...

Thanks for sharing!! I was wondering what the sleeves were--genius to use page protectors!

Marie said...

Great idea. I used a wooden paper towel holder with the page protectors and that works well too!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

I have to salute to u !!! i always look forward to seeing your BIA projects ! ALWAYS ! I've got to do this for my storage sometime Soon too !! Thanks for sharing !! =)

Scrappingeek said...

this is so clever.....are they easy to take off when traveling or do you just do you take the whole thingy?????TFS