Friday, March 12, 2010

Bad Girls Create Each Day

If you haven't visited Bad Girls you really should! There are so many wonderful and inspiring things going on. For instance, take the new Bad Girls Create Each Day. In Wendy Rago's own words it's...

"CREATE EACH DAY"...something new and VERY EXCITING at BAD GIRLS....meant to be your GO TO...EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for all your artistic inspiration....home decorating you can see...we are really going to WOW you and keep you guessing as to....


I think we all need to nurture our creative souls and we need that daily dose of INSPIRATION to get us open up the creative window and get us make us fall in love with what we cherish....ART!!!

So...make sure you check in every single day to be INSPIRED!!!

It is in the forum where we will add a little tidbit....

And the full details and photos will be on the Blog every day.....

I hope you enjoy the journey with us!!!


Wendy Rago, Owner

Head to the Bad Girls Blog to see what intersting and inspiring artisitic prompts the elite Artistes have in store for you!!!! Come inspired!!!