Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Newest Family Member

This is our DD with her little baby boy, T-Bone. He's a Tea Cup Chihuahua. We found him.....or rather he found her, yesterday at a local event we attended. He barked and yelped until we opened up his little cage. He climbed straight into her hands and went to sleep.

She had her Pit Bull, Ratchet, gunned down in cold blood December 9th last year. A lunatic neighbor who saw him out (he got out accidentally)....chased him down, cornered him and shot him point blank. Witnesses say the dog never indicated any menacing behavior, instead he ran from the man and was actually trying to wiggle back under the fence into the back yard when he was shot. The world is full of hatred and prejudice these days, it seems.

We think this little guy was sent to help her heal. I think he'll do a fine job, too. Don't you?


Melissa said...

That is a horrid story, people like that make me SICK.

T-Bone is adorable and I think he will give her plenty of puppy love which is just what she needs right now.

Sophia said...

Aah man too cute...

Me said...

omgoodness tears are in my eyes and heart---that is just awful about what happened but so glad a little angel found his way into your daughters heart
hugs and love sent your family's way

Rena said...

What a glad my sweet niece has T-bone to help her thru losing Ratchet.
Love, Auntie Rena